Freedom Comes when you Choose Within

by Jarrod

That experience we have when it seems like nothing can stop us is clearly something that we feel from deep in our inner world.

When we feel like we can adapt and live regardless of what the external world throws at us, then we can say that we are truly free.

After all, we are free to express and be whoever we want to be.

We are the Only Ones that Can Restrict Ourselves

We can all enumerate the voices that restrict us, the people who bind our lives. But I ask how can these people have any control over us?

Does any aspect of our sense of freedom come from our external world?

Or is real lasting freedom that which can only come from inside ourselves.

Many people find themselves feeling trapped and overwhelmed. But is this feeling a result of what others are doing to them or merely their own reaction to the world?

I cannot help but wonder what it would be like if we all stopped for a moment and looked at how we view the world.

For those who feel restricted it is often the case  that we are simply on auto pilot using the only self-defense system that we know. To blame the circumstances of our lives on other people.

But for the few, which includes you, we can begin to develop an unshakable sense of our own freedom. It all begins right now.

See Within and Take Back your Freedom

Your life is expressed in your actions which spring forth from your thoughts and emotions.

By starting to choose which thoughts and emotions you cultivate then you will bring about choice in your behaviour and freedom in your life.

Develop the ability to see a thought appear in your mind.

Stop now. Close your eyes. Listen for a thought to appear.

Did you hear it?

No doubt you just saw a thought (and if you didn’t, take a moment to breath and watch again because they fly through in every moment).

What you may not realise is that you just saw a thought and then chose to come back to reading.

By using your awareness of thoughts, you gained the ability to choose between acting on that thought or doing something else.

Now lets take this to the level of everyday life.

At work your boss assigns you some work even though you are already overworked, you know you can’t possibly finish it when they want.

Immediately thoughts start appearing. It could be frustration, anger, dismay or fear.

In the past you may be thrown into action (or inaction if you felt fear in front of your boss).

But by taking a moment to look at any of these thoughts you can see that they are all limiting and restrict the actions you can take.

It is these thoughts that are taking away your freedom. Holding you back from changing your life.

With awareness, you can see them appear and then stop.

Upon stopping you can now choose.

You can choose freedom. You can choose to change your life.

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