Time to Create your Perception of Time

by Jarrod

Everyone has a way that they look at time. How you look at time has a huge effect on how you experience your time in it.

What we want to do here is to show you how to best look at time in order to change your life. More specifically we want to use our perception of time to:

  • Effortlessly motivate you to do the things you most want to do
  • Eliminate the stress induced by painful perceptions of time

I am sure we have all heard these cries before:

  • I’m short on time
  • This is taking forever
  • There is not enough time
  • I will do it later
  • It will take too long
  • I want it done right now

No doubt we have probably uttered some of them ourselves.

The interesting thing to note about these sayings is how they manage to manipulate what we call time. In some of them we have the perception of it being drawn out or made to span an increasing length whereas in others we are led to perceive it as something short or even limited.

Time is none of these things. Indeed it is just a mental concept we invented. Defining either a reference to an event that occurred in a time other than now or to measure the distance or duration between two markers.

Because it is something we invented it is so easy for us to manipulate it.

Can you see how easy it is to feel rushed and short on time?

I know billions of people in the working community certainly find it easy to perceive it that way!

Yet there are also those that always seem to have a bit of time up their sleeves for the little extra things in life.

We make up reasons to justify why their perceptions of time are different, assuming lifestyle differences and then best of all we fall into the trap of assuming that time is just the way it is for us. But we are the ones defining it so we must remember that we can view it however we want.

Make Time Your Own

To become masters of time we must become aware of the ways in which we can use it. Here is a shortlist of possible views.

Long term

Seeing something that has happened way in the past or is off in the distant future can be viewed as a long term perspective. It has the effect of disassociating ourselves from whatever the event or goal is. When told that we can own a house in a few decades then positive emotions experienced are greatly lessened. With a long term view we also gain perspective. So we can see that losing our wallet today will not be so terrible given another 10 years of our life.

Short term

When we view things as happening soon we experience a short term perspective. This greatly heightens the feelings of an expected future state. When we are thinking of eating lunch or that chocolate bar we can literally taste what it will be like. With a short term view we see the actions and generally not the lasting consequences.


This is the view that the only time we have is now. The concept of being ‘in the moment’ as it is commonly termed. With an instantaneous perspective we see only each moment. It creates a much greater sensitivity to the senses and many people find a temporary oasis away from the pains of the other perspectives. There is no next moment or last moment, there is only now and giving 100% in whatever the action may be.


While this is not so different to the instantaneous perspective, where it differs is in the object of focus. In the instantaneous perspective the focus is fully associated with the current world. When engaging in a stretched viewpoint we are focused on a desired state of being that we have dreamed up of or created. When waiting in a line for tickets our focus is on getting tickets, hence the time spent standing in line is stretched and appears to take forever.

Use How You View Time To Your Advantage

We should all view time in our life as something to be experimented with. Through gaining conscious experience you can wield it with great power.

Perception of Time

By adopting a long term perspective you gain the following:

  • A sense of where you are ultimately heading
  • Access to the motivation of why you are doing what you are doing right now
  • Disassociation from setbacks that may happen from day to day
  • More control of your reactions to events because of the focus on the long term impact of events rather than immediate instinctual reactions

Mixing this in with an instantaneous experience of current time you get:

  • Freedom from external judgments and pressure
  • A feeling of peace and energy from acting in the moment
  • Increased sensitivity to the world around you so as to provide you with greater ability to interact with it because of your presence

Now it may seem a bit paradoxical to think of having a long term perspective and yet live in an instantaneous fashion but as with most great ways of being it is so. Yet it is only paradoxical for the mind, the experience of this is much easier to understand once you get the feeling of it.

A distinction that helps one reconcile these perspectives is around what the focus is for each of them. With the long term perspective it is applied on the meaning of events whereas the instantaneous view is focused on the experience of life. This is how they can coexist.

When learning japanese the long term perspective allows me to see where I am going and to remember that as long as I keep moving forward one step at a time it will happens. The instaneous perspective gives me the ability to experience the joy of absorbing the experience of the language as I go through it.

As a bonus tip, one aspect of combining a long term view and instantaneous perspective is to imagine what it is like to live in your long term goal right now. If you imagine owning that house or driving that car you can quickly access a great source of energy.

Change your focus, change your life.

See time as you would have it enhance your experience of life.

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