Today’s Only Most Important Lesson

by Jarrod

Photo credit Wayan Vota

Opening their eyes and looking up at the sun, they now knew that every day, the sun will rise again.

I was asked to do some teaching again at my martial arts dojo by my teacher. This happens quite often and teaching has become an experience that I have had to get used to, feeling my own way into it.

When I first started I would see the new students and looking at the material I was to teach, know that there was thousands of points they would eventually need to know.

I used to correct every movement. I would show them one thing, then when they made the next error I would show them how to do that correctly. By the time I had done this for two minutes they would already be beginning to go into overwhelm.

My teacher would come over and tell me, ‘Don’t correct them, just keep demonstrating the basics and let them practice’. My urge to help them was simply more than anyone can assimilate at one time and so only half mangled aspects of anything I said remained.

Today was different.

When teaching I picked one motion to focus on. This become the one most important thing that this student will remember, the rest will be a haze to build on in the future.

At the end of my quick stint of teaching I noticed how different it felt. I was no longer trying to cram everything into one moment. I was letting the student learn at their own pace. After all, this is how I do my coaching, why would martial arts be any different?

They felt happier because they knew I was satisfied with one element of focus and this drive would only build in the future and help them master other aspects.

The Most Important Lesson in Daily Life

What does this mean in our daily lives?

There are so many things we can potentially learn in a given day. There is only so much we can integrate into our core each day.

A book read and forgotten is like walking in the rain. You get wet, dried off and become none the wiser.

As your day comes to a close take a moment to sit in front of a writing implement, pen and paper or this very computer.

Ask yourself, “What is one useful thing that I learned today?”

Do not question if it was the most useful, as anything integrated into your life is more useful then anything passed by. All great learnings will come again.

When you have your learning and are ready to integrate ask yourself, “What is one action I can do today and the next to retain this learning?”.

Then do it.

Place it on your wall, put it in your schedule. Do whatever it is that will make you retain it.

After 365 learnings have been integrated this year you will see just how important this lesson is.

What is today’s lesson?

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