What Would You Do With a Slice of Time

by Jarrod

Photo Credit: mpclemens

Teach them, you have 15 minutes

I was asked by my teacher to teach 6 of the new students at martial arts this week. However all I had was 15 minutes to give them all the knowledge that I have acquired from years of my own learning.

Which reminds me.

Each little segment of our day is not something we can have again. Truly it is a gift that we must make full use of. What’s that quote? The best gift in life is the Present…

For those 15 minutes I give 100% of my presence. Trying to pass on my spirit of my learnings more than any particular aspect of technique.

Being fully present and giving your all, without hiding any of who you are must be the greatest use of our time.

Watching new students train is a joy, you get to see them awkwardly stumble around trying to come to grips with the moves of a martial art. Yet there is something I truly enjoy about training. That is that someone has come to learn and I am wanting to help.

If I were to have a slice of time I would most definitely want to spend it teaching and helping others learn. That’s why I started life coaching.

What would you most want to do with a slice of time?

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