It Is Easy When You Think It Is

by Jarrod

Tired of hard projects? Still stressing over reaching your dreams?

At the end of the day if you are not enjoying the journey then quite simply you are not going to be able to truly enjoy the result. Plus the journey usually lasts longer than the moment you reach your goal.

Let me preface this by saying that I do not mean to stop putting effort towards your dreams.

What I am saying is to start putting a different sort of effort in. An effortless effort if you don’t mind the paradox.

But can achieving my dreams really be easy?

The one answer to that is…

It Depends on your Mindset

Yes really, you can choose for achieving your dreams to be easy.

I used to think it was hard to write these articles. Yet when I took a good look, it was simply a case of fear scaring me off in case ‘it might not work out’ and ‘people might not like it’.

Those thoughts made me think it was hard, which in reality made it very hard for me to write which is an essential step for me to help others by sharing knowledge.

All this changed when I changed my mindset. I no longer thought about ‘what might happen’. I only thought about sharing the great learning’s and experiences I have had, straight from my heart.

Now writing these articles seems like fun, it actually puts a little smile on my face as I type :D

What am I getting at?

Know what you Want and Take the Pressure Off

Shout out what you want. Write it down, talk about it with others, stick it on your desk and bedroom wall. Know exactly what you want right now so you have something to aim for. Without it you will be walking around in the dark chasing fireflies.

Get a plan. Know someone in the world who has what you are looking for? Find out how they got it and start following those steps. See what works and throw out the rest. You have the time to give it a go.

Relax and follow your plan.

If you are stressing about failing when you have a plan then either you are not following the plan or you planned to fail.

Take it easy and watch as your actions move you along your plan. Adjust the plan as necessary when the results aren’t what you want but when you are acting, follow your plan. That is what it is there for.

Be aware of the thoughts that are in your head. Trust in yourself that you have the ability to learn all that you need to learn. Throw out thoughts of worry and follow your plan.

Walk along the path to your future with a smile on your face and a glow in your heart.

It is easy to change your life when you believe in yourself.

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