Find Your Energy Boosters

by Jarrod

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We all have times when it feels like we have no energy to get anything done.

Yet I would bet that if we were to just start something small and easy then we would find that our energy starts to pick up again. With action we have another rise in energy.

The trouble is in managing to convince yourself to start the first action.

The decision to get started seems to be so easy to put off.

This is why we need Energy Boosters.

Energy boosters are little activities or environmental elements that when we indulge in them when gain a extra shock of energy.

Energy Boosters to be effective in this critical decision making moment must have the following two components.

  • Extremely easy to access, so easy that they practically seem to come to you rather than you going to them at that moment
  • By indulging in them for less than a minute you gain energy and a bit of motivation to do whats important to you

Let’s look at 2 of my favourites that I often use (especially after a particularly social weekend).

Life Goals

I have my life goals and business vision for the next few years readily accessible. To make them easy to access I have them stuck on the wall all around my desk. So I sit down and all I have to do is raise my eyes and there my goals are. I’m am excited about my goals so seeing them I let my mind cast forward into the future a little, indulging in them freedom and joy. Then coming back to now I have that extra bit of excitement to push me into my days tasks.


Due to what must be love of things japanese and in particular the language I enjoy listening to streaming japanese music. I have it real easy to access on my computer which is always on. I just punch up the shortcut for my media application, open recent and then it starts pumping out. Listening to these reminds me of all the japanese samurai films and my own martial arts with floods me with a fiery energy. This kicks me into a mini overdrive so I can jump into some task.

Find Your Energy Boosters

It is really important that you have your own toolkit of energy boosters with you for just when you need it. Progress is made possible by being able to start more and more often. What’s even better is that the more you push yourself into action when in those moments what you are also doing is re-training your brain to take action rather than move into laziness.

Take a moment to cast your mind back through the week and ask yourself what little things give you that kick, that can drive you to action. Write out a list and then go about making them real easy to access where you need them.

Share what they are in the comments.

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Josh September 9, 2010 at 10:36 am

You know what Jarrod, I don’t agree with everyone on a few things. Some people say you should love what you do. That is an incomplete statement. I believe you will hate 80-90% of what you do, but, if you love that 10-20% enough, you will get through the 80-90% no problem.

That 10-20% represents those energy boosters you are talking about. For me, it’s being in the gym, and fly fishing. I even have websites dedicated to each. Those things charge me up, and get me through the other stuff. Cheers!


Jarrod September 9, 2010 at 9:04 pm

@Josh: Welcome Josh and thanks for being so real and straight forward.

Personally I believe that you ‘can’ love or hate anything. I remember working and taking out cardboard boxes to the trash for 4+hours in high school. For a year or so I hated it. Then I learned the more internal causes of happiness and came to enjoy it (Yes you can enjoy wheeling a bin around collecting cardboard).

I like the idea of websites dedicated to each. I suppose this website falls in as one of mine too :)


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