Building Sustainable Energy to Bulldoze Laziness

by Jarrod

Photo credit Jeremy Vandel

All behaviour is habitual.

Regardless of our intentions we are always creating and strengthening our current set of habits.

Every time you choose to eat a sweet instead of a fruit you are actually increasing the chance that you will choose the sweet again next time. With each decision and action we burn the pathway through our brain that this is how we will act given these stimuli.

Knowing this simple fact allows us to use this knowledge to empower us towards what we want.

Each time you act towards what you want, you empower that action forever in the future.

So the key is to make more decisions and actions in line with what you want than you make against what you want.

To change a habit you need to identify:

  • The action/decision you want to change
  • The action/choice you want to replace it with

Knowing both of these you have the simple framework for conditioning yourself into a new habit.

What you should appreciate is that this all works a little like compound interest.

If you start out being 50% likely to do your new habit due to past behaviour then by putting forward the energy to do it more often today will actually make you something like 60% more likely to adopt this habit tomorrow. Then it is easier to do it tomorrow which makes you maybe even 65% more likely to do it the next day.

Your little punches of energy give you larger payoffs over time. They all snowball together giving you even greater energy to do it in the future.

When you really want to take it to the next level then you want to find ways to really enjoy the new habit as you do it.

By enjoying the new behaviour (which is your choice) then you strengthen the enjoyable association even deeper into the brain. You start building an unstoppable system to empower you new behaviour without you even doing anything.

You get more energy by exerting that little bit in the first place. Then energy becomes your default to overcome anything.

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Armen Shirvanian September 12, 2010 at 12:05 pm

Hi Jarrod.

I like this message and understand the value to gain from it. It does seem as though our actions make those same actions in the future more likely, as our brains thinks about them less over time since we are repeating them, like tying our shoes.

This means that taking the sweet next time is solidifying the wrong path, and we don’t want to do that.


Jarrod September 12, 2010 at 2:13 pm

@Armen: Looks like you are building a good understanding. Keep training yourself to experience what you want to feel and do what you truly want to do. Laziness is a great one to kick straight away as it boosts our entire capability for action.


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