Sending Smiles Your Way

by Jarrod

Photo credit puamelia

A series of consecutive genuine smiles has the ability to change your day.

It was my brothers birthday last night and I was on door meet and greet duty. Greeting each of these people, some of which I have seen a few times, others I have never met let me observe the different ways they interact.

Some would give me a handshake, tell me their name a smile and then head off. Others would barely give me a glance or a ‘gday mate’ as they entered our place.

No doubt I enjoyed those who gave 1 second of full attention to introduce themselves and acted happy. Smiling!

Working in the middle of the city I’m often passing through a bustling sprawl of people. The default behaviour of the majority is to avoid eye contact and mind your own business.

After seeing the poor state people still end up in I’m no longer content to act like this anymore. I want you to know that I’m happy, glad to be myself and hoping that you are living the most joyous life you desire.

My approach is to make eye contact with lifes travelers and when they return eye contact to genuinely and happily smile back. Carry on, live your life and enjoy it.

At the supermarket tonight, the attendant was a cherry man in maybe his late 40’s. He’s great because he is honest and sincere when he speaks. Here I make the effort to tell him to ‘have a good night’, as I smile brightly and shine. My years of sales attendant training as a teenager enabling me to express my desire for a brighter world.

So take your life, be genuine and smile at the people around you. This is what you would most enjoy so give it back to the world.

Now it’s your turn :D

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Armen Shirvanian September 20, 2010 at 4:01 am

Hey Jarrod.

Nice material here. You are spreading some positive messages.

Sometimes it is what someone else needs. They see a cheery person, then get some motivation, do a good action, and then have more motivation, so you can snowball someone else’s success with not much effort on your part.

If we have this much power, and we don’t use it, well then that is missed potential we can’t get back.

I usually avoid people in certain settings, and then say hi to most people in other settings.


Jarrod September 20, 2010 at 7:52 pm

@Armen: Thanks Armen, really we have to get out there and use our potential.


Farouk September 25, 2010 at 5:27 pm

thats so true
we humans will usually respond back with a smile when someone smiles to us, that happens unconsciously
i love the pic of the smiling cat too :D


Jarrod September 26, 2010 at 12:14 am

@Farouk: I love the cat too! I had a choice between a smiling person or the cat and I could not resist that awesome smiling cat.

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