Take the Most Powerful Actions

by Jarrod

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There are a million actions that we can choose from in a given day. Even when we have narrowed down our focus to the achievement of a specific goal there are still a multitude of options to pick from. With thousands of people gone before us there are countless methods available and once chosen the list of actions piles higher than we would like on any particular to do list.

The most obvious method to getting moving towards a goal and diminishing a list of actions is definitely: Take Action.

Without action there is no movement, no results and no learning. When we begin to try and live our lives towards our goal we discover, have insights and in turn use even greater action. Among these reasons are why the use of energy is so important in life.

But action on its own is not always the most effective or efficient way of doing things. To get the best bang for your energy you need a map. If you want to get to the other side of the maze you could run into it and eventually get out but it sure can be more powerful to realise that you can just walk around the outside to where the exit is.

Discovering Powerful Actions

How do you discover which of the actions you have on your to do list are the most powerful in getting you to where you want to go? Here are a few techniques.

Recognise the Most Uncomfortable Tasks

I was watching a video from a panel of people including Tim Ferris on zen, tea and the art of life management and something I believe Tim said was that if you want to know what the most important tasks are then look for the ones that you feel most uncomfortable about doing.

Naturally I took a look at my own list and noticed that there certainly was a degree of correlation. Often the more powerful actions that will give you the greatest results are the ones that will stretch you out of your comfort zone.

This also makes a lot of sense from another perspective. We are all at a certain level on our journey towards a goal, we are at that level because we are doing whatever it takes to function at that level. In order to reach a new level of success we have to go beyond our current comfort zone, adopt a new level of powerful action and then and only then we will move onto the next step of our journey.

Importance and Urgency

On a given list of tasks there are at least two scales at which tasks can be ranked. They are to do with the importance or impact of a task and the urgency of a task.

When we find we are constantly working on urgent tasks we are often running around like a headless chicken, fighting fires. Urgent tasks commonly come from over committing yourself, in particular to other people. Cut down on the number of things you say you will do for other people. Learn to say ‘no’ more often. As much as possible avoid keeping yourself busy with low value tasks, meet your current commitments and then stop making them for awhile and focus on what gives you the most powerful results.

Important tasks are the ones that you know will move you strongly forward in the direction of your goal. For each item on your list go through and make a note of what the likely impact will be from doing this task. By doing this you will explicitly uncover the most powerful actions you can take. Consequently these are the actions you should be spending the majority of your time on.

No doubt you will have heard of the 80 / 20 principle where 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions. Now is the time for you to really focus on benefiting from economy of actions. Doing just those powerful actions that bring you the highest level of results.

I really find it curious that my most important and high impact tasks are also the ones that I feel the most uncomfortable about doing. Do you notice the same?

Stretch your boundaries and take powerful actions.

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