Energise and Expand Yourself

by Jarrod

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The importance of using the energy you are given should not be underestimated. They say everything exists for a reason and the same holds true for what we are given each morning when we wake up to the rising sun.

Laziness is the leach of energy and as a consequence we should destroy laziness as soon as possible, burning it with our flames of energy.

What distinguishes between the living and the dead? Is it not the energy that flows through its veins.

Who is it that is seen as learning the most in our society? Is it not the children who we are always saying are full of energy.

Growth is found in the endless expenditure of energy. To those who use their energy, more is given.

Which happens first? Do lazy people feel a lack of energy or do they first feel lazy and not use the energy they have. Laziness is a vicious cycle that steadily drains deeper and deeper. From one day to the next they spiral down to a lower vibration of energy. What is not used, grows stale and is taken away.

Endless Energy is Found in Constant Flow

The most endless sources in nature are indeed those which are in constant cycle.

Look at the water that flows down stream, falling with ferocity off of cliffs into stunning waterfalls. As water goes through its journey in undergoes a series of energetic transformations. It is evaporated by the sun, floating up the hill sides until it forms into clouds in the sky. From there is falls down once again onto the earth and then rejuvenated streams back into the river.

Oxygen, our very life blood undergoes the similar constant flow of transformation. As we breathe it gives our cells energy and is returned to the air as carbon dioxide. This then travels out into the environment to be consumed by the plants all around us. After taking their own life from it, energised they release it back into the atmosphere once again as oxygen.

Like nature this constant flow of energy is something we should embrace. Annihilate the blockers of procrastination and expand your realm of action through the use of energy.

When you are fully in the flow of energetically focusing on a task, that is when you gain the greatest insights? Then have you noticed how these insights are the very things that give you a huge boost of energy to further contribute to your work.

Inspiration is cultivated and grown through the use of energy. Then that very use of energy is given back to you in the form of inspiration as a reward for your efforts.

As you go out into the world, energised and expending your energy you are constantly given it back in subtle ways. When you take the energy to help another doesn’t the smile returned to you lift your heart and provide you with the energy to do it more?

Life is energy and through the use of energy we grow and find even more energy available to us.

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