Propelled Prosperity From A Pristine Mind

by Jarrod

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A well oiled machine gets the job done best. The principle of economy of motion is widely published and efficiency is hailed as our savior in a world where we perceive there is so much to do.

Yet there is a realm of economy that is not so widely discussed. That is the economy of motion which is present in a pristine mind.

We have millions of thoughts pop through our minds in a given day. If we were to see a machine symbolise our mind in the physical world we would probably be struck in horror at its inefficiencies in the tasks we try to get it to accomplish.

Our mind possess the storehouse that can propel us to act, to provide us with inspiration and create worlds that were once inconceivable.

Do we even recognise how we waste the energy that is present in our mind? Do we know what is waste when it comes to the thoughts and states we experience?

Such a precious and powerful resource exists within us and it is high time we put it to good use.

The Waste Of Our Minds

Thoughts that dwell on the past:

  • I shouldn’t have said that
  • Did I do the right thing?
  • I wish I can change what I did
  • If only I knew then what I know now
  • Shit I screwed up
  • How naive and foolish I was
  • I can’t believe I thought that
  • If only I had of taken action
  • Why can’t life be like it used to be (in the good old days)?
  • I am a failure
  • I’m ashamed of my past

Questions that are much more useful for the past are:

  • What did I learn?
  • Who would I need to be to turn failure into success?
  • What positive reality can I take from this experience?
  • What am I grateful for?
  • If I were in that situation again, how would I act differently?

Learning from the past and transforming experiences into positive resources are some suitable activities for the past.

Thoughts trapped in the future:

  • What if I fail?
  • What will people think of me?
  • What if I make a mistake?
  • What will my friends think?
  • I don’t know if I can?
  • How will my parents react?
  • Will it affect my relationship with my girl/boyfriend?
  • I can’t afford to risk it
  • What if I lose it?
  • Who will I be able to rely on?
  • I’m not smart enough
  • I don’t have the skills to do it
  • I couldn’t learn that

Better questions about the future are:

  • What do I want to create in my life?
  • Who do I want to be?
  • How do I want to feel?
  • What can I give to others?
  • What would I like to experience in my next few years?

The future is best looked at from the point of view of creation and opportunity as opposed to lack and fear.

Thoughts that constantly circle in our mind creating no potential for growth nor a positive state change are a waste of energy.

It is critical to avoid getting stuck in these lower wasteful states:

  • hurry
  • worry
  • overwhelm
  • despondency
  • anger
  • complaining
  • envy
  • fear
  • laziness
  • sloth
  • despair
  • shame
  • jealousy
  • revenge
  • lack

All of these not only fail to move us forward but they also terribly drain our energy. Whenever you catch yourself entering or dwelling in these states you should do something immediately to switch into a more resourceful and propelling mindset.

Building a Beneficial Mind

In order to harness the full power of the mind you must first become aware of it. This is the fundamental practice required for anyone who wishes to clean out the trash that consistently bogs them down, to allow for a more fluid and spontaneously mind to come forth.

See the thoughts that appear in your mind in each moment. Whenever you inhale, see the thought, see the gap between it. Whenever you exhale, see the thought, see the gap between it.

When the thought that you have decided never to dwell on again appears, discard it. Wave goodbye as you let it drop by the wayside, it no longer serves you. When it comes to visit again, just politely smile and let it exit on its own accord.

By constantly being present in the home of your mind you start to develop a pristine mind that will then become a powerfully economic mind in action.

Some other tools to build an economic mind in motion.

Focus On What You Want

Where focus goes energy flows.

When your train of thought is consistently focused on a topic then its latent powers steadily become unleashed. In diving deeper and longer into an area you start to create connections and from those connections you develop insights. With insights and the inspirations you get you not only develop more energy, you also become more efficient and effective in the actions you take.

A clear mind allows you to create at an increased rate of flow.

Develop Resourceful Habits and Environments

Your mind has a certain habitual component. The thoughts you think most often end up arising on their own again and again. This is another reason to focus on what you want.

Find things you can do that build your confidence and self worth. Activities that have you placed in a positive mindset and open to the opportunities of the world. One of the easiest activities is to read things that inspire and focus on all that is possible. When I look out onto my bookshelf I am faced with an unassailable force of titles giving the messages of peaceful and prosperous living.

My japanese study involves watching the happiest of shows promoting characters who are happy no matter what is going on and heroes who have overcome any matter of adversity. I am consistently inspired by my environment I indulge in to live a free, peaceful and happy life. Develop your own set of habits that build into you that great mental state that propels you forward into a wonderful life.

When you have created a clear mind that becomes efficient in its tasks the results you experience in life are multiplied and before long you will find yourself moving towards your desired life rapidly.

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Andrea DeBell - britetalk October 23, 2010 at 2:22 pm

Hi Jarrod! What a lovely post. We do waste a lot of time entertaining thoughts about the past and the future. We end up forgetting to stay focus in the present which is the only thing that actually exists. You offer some very powerful tips. I love absolutely love your phrase: “A clear mind allows you to create at an increased rate of flow.” That’s what we should all aim for .

Thanks for such in inspiring article! Loving blessings!


Jarrod October 23, 2010 at 3:11 pm

@Andrea: Thanks, I couldn’t agree more that focusing on the present is such a powerful technique. Having a clear mind frees you up to not only travel forward unhindered but to enjoy the journey too.

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