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by Jarrod

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In every moment of our life we are present in a particular emotional state. It may be calmness, excitement, anger, apathy, joy, happiness or certainty. Then as we go through our day we notice that we are shifted into a variety of other states and that the transformation is almost instantaneous.

If you have ever watched a intensely competitive sports game then you probably know this shift intimately. Imagine there is 10 seconds left on the clock as it counts down to the end of the grand final. Your team is down by a point and has a chance to hit the winning shot. In the last second they take the shot. As they take it your state is one of anticipation, hope and desire. When the winning shot is made and the siren sounds you enter a new state of joy, elation and excitement. If the shot was missed and your team loses then you feel crushed, dismayed and upset.

These state changes are very obvious of you watch sports fans. The important thing to note is just how large that state change is and that it happens in an instant.

Recently we had an australian football grand final. Now usually at the end, one of the teams wins and the streets are filled with people in an uplifted, excited and cheery state. However in this final the end result was a draw which has not happened for decades. As a result the streets were unusually quiet. People were shocked into a state of neither elation or disappointment. In a moment the state of tens of thousands of people was changed.

What I want to show you how to do today is how to create an anchor that you can use to instantly put yourself into a particular desired emotional state. So here are the steps that you follow in order to set yourself up to possess such a useful resource.

Choose An Emotional State You Want

Pick an emotional state that you want to be able feel at your command. It could be anything that I mentioned above or you can select from this list:

  • Confidence
  • Playfulness
  • Fun
  • Relaxation
  • Intense
  • Determined
  • Empowered

We want to create a positive emotional state. The last thing we want is a way to make us feel down so do yourself a favor and choose a particular emotional state that would be really useful in your life for you to be able to access.

Choose A Spot To Anchor It On

The next thing you want to do is pick a unique place on your body that when you press on it you will feel that desired emotional state. It has to be unique and also something that will not accidentally be pressed. You don’t want to choose the back of your hand as it is to difficult to isolate a single repeatable spot. Avoid under your forearms because you often rest them on the table. If it is too commonly triggered then it will be diluted and far less effective.

Some great spots to use are:

  • Between your knuckles (not on top)
  • Pinching the end of your fingers
  • Pressing a necklace/pendant you always wear

Anything that you can have easy access to and is not easy to accidentally press.

Go To That Emotional State And Feel It

Now that you have chosen the emotional state you want to anchor and make available at will you have to first find that resourceful state within you.

You want to use anything that you have available to you that will bring you into that state. For excitement and energy I use a combination of my favourite music and action scenes from cool movies. These movies and songs create within me a naturally arising state of that which I want to be able to access freely. Naturally arising states are the best because they are felt the strongest and as such easiest to anchor.

Next option is to go back into your memory to a remembered state where you clearly felt the way you want to feel. Ensure you pick a single experience, not a mix and match of a bunch of them. Once you have a single experience in mind then go deeply into it and associate within it. See what you were seeing, hear what you were hearing and feel what you were feeling. Remembered states are the most common used for this technique so go for it.

The other option is to use an imagined state. With this you imagine what it would be like, or you imagine how someone else is feeling when they are exhibiting the state that you would like to feel. This is the weakest mode but it can still work. What you want to do is imagine what it is like with all your senses. As you do this you want to take anything that was third person and bring to be first person so that you are actually experiencing that state.

When you find a way to get into that emotional state then get ready to turn it up strong so we can anchor it.

Anchor The Emotional State

Now in your mind or through your body bring yourself into that emotional state that we have just described. Feel it strongly throughout your body, seeing it exactly as it was and noticing all the sensations that the experience possessed. Now enter deeper into. Make it stronger, louder, brighter, closer until you have doubled the intensity of what you were feeling. Then double the intensity again.

When you have reached a really strong emotional state, press hard on your anchor for a few seconds as you continue to feel it.

Repeat The Process And Condition The Anchor

As with Pavlov’s dogs who were trained to salivate to a sound you also need to strengthen this anchor by conditioning it into your physiology.

Go through this process again. Use the same time, where you got yourself strongly into that emotional state and press into the anchor, deepening the connection even more. Now you can choose another time you felt in that resourceful state and use that to build up and anchor that state further.

Test The Anchor

Well done on building in that anchor, now as a final few steps we want to try it out and make sure it is solidified.

Clear your mind by thinking of something absurd such as how many cats does it take to light a match? Or what it would be like to watch a blue and purple coloured rooster fight Bruce Lee while he is fighting a Tyrannosaurus Rex who is balancing on a tightrope?

Now press your anchor and watch as your state gradually builds and builds until you hit into that desired emotional state just as you wanted it.

Keep conditioning this anchor, the whole process can take less than 15 minutes so keep building it. Everyday when you happen to hit upon this state in your life press into the anchor to increase its power.

If you find the result is weak then choose new experiences and associate into them strongly and keep building the emotional state anchor.

Another test you can do is to in your mind go forward to time where you know you will want to be in that emotional state. Then trigger your anchor and see how your state changes in that moment.

When you find you have got the technique of anchoring an emotional state down, you can start doing it with all the other emotional states you want to be able to access instantly.

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