Knowing is Only the Beginning

by Jarrod

I Know.

Imagine if every conversation resulted in the listener saying ‘I Know’.

What would happen to people in the world?

Nobody would ever learn anything from anyone else.

Nothing would change.

As soon as you say I know you are blocking off growth and the opportunity to learn.

All growth and human potential lies in discovering what we do not know.

When we lock down how we see the world with our rules that we know, we lose the ability for our world to change.

One of the reasons the idea that the earth circled around the sun was so difficult for people to believe was that challenged views about what they ‘know’ to be true.

We can only learn when we drop the ‘I know attitude’

Back to our everyday conversations.

I know is the at the core of how we live in our world.

When someone tells us that our best friend of 10 years is saying things behind our back our reaction is determined by what we tell ourselves we know.

If we know they are our loyal friends and would never do such a thing we might brush the comment off or let our best friend know what is being said about them.

If we know our best friend has a jealous streak we might run off and accuse them, getting into a fight.

Yet both of these behaviors are based upon things we tell ourselves we ‘know’ and consequently fail to match reality.

They cause us to live in our head, a made up world, acting out in that reality.

To get to the truth of the matter, to come to an increased understanding of the world requires us to let go of our ‘I Know’ rules.

Embracing Life Larger than What You Know

It is important to know that to change your life you need to experience things that you do not already know.

When you let something that you did not know come into your reality, your sphere of understanding about life starts to increase. As do your opportunities and potential life directions.

The path to understanding other people can never be reached through ‘I Know’ thinking. It can only be bridged through the stones and mortar of curious listening.

When you listen to people, get curious. Rather than assuming you know exactly what they mean (even mind readers cannot know) ask them for more detail.

Every experience we hold in our minds from the world is composed of two parts.

Physical Reality + The Meaning we Give it = Our Experience of Life

This is very important when we consider our conversations with people.

When someone tries to explain an experience of their life to you we gather the physical elements of the reality they tell us and then we apply the meanings we give those to match our experience of life.

But this does not equal their experience of life they are trying to show us. We must be able to discover and understand the meaning they give it.

Our ability to properly understand others is directly related to our ability to drop the meanings we give to life.

Lets look at the example of someone who tells you they were fired from work.

To us that physical reality of losing our job would mean it was a terrible event and our future would involve a lot of financial hardship.

But to them it may mean a wealth of new opportunities to follow their dreams.

So rather than holding a pity party we can come a lot closer to their world by supporting the freedom they now feel.

And here is the best part that most people do not realise.

For a given physical reality we have just created a new meaning we can give it.

Now if we were to ever experience the same circumstances we can choose to give it the meaning of financial fear or opportunity and freedom.

All from the power of assuming you do not know how the world is. Particularly how other people’s worlds are.

This is how the possibilities of living a life of your choosing begins to open up.

You can only change your life to possibilities you become aware of.

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