Destroy the Resistance to What you Want

by Jarrod


Photo Credit Adam Howarth

You feel the desire to reach for a goal and yet you feel a resistance to taking the steps that you know are required in order to reach it.

Isin’t this always the story we end up with? We find ourselves wanting something but feeling a fear that pulls us away from it.

These particular feelings of resistance are the very cause of the majority of our failures in our life. Or more correctly, the cause of us not even taking the step necessary to have the opportunity to fail or succeed.

Get to Know the Resistance

As you think of this goal you feel a resistance around, focus on that particular resistance. Notice where in your body you find, your chest, your throat. Get a good sense of what it feels like.

Now keeping this feeling, cast your mind back to all the other times in your life when this feeling of fear has prevented from moving towards what you want.

Think of a time when you were a teenager when you held yourself back from something. Think of a time when you were even younger where you wanted something but shyed away from reaching for it.

Remember a time in your 20’s when while everything else was moving along you still hid yourself away, secretly denying yourself from taking the step towards something you wanted but weren’t sure if you could have it.

Bring all these times together in your mind and play them over and over a few times. Noticing what the feeling was like in each of those times. What it felt like, what it told you and what it made you do.

Make the Resistance your Ally

Now realise the person you would have become if this feeling was never a problem. Who would you be now that you had achieved all those things? What would your life be like when you had stepped forward through, past and beyond any resistance that once existed? Feel the wonderful experience.

Because it would have been unfortunate wouldn’t it if you had of had all that success and enjoyment?

Aren’t you glad that the resistance protected you from experiencing all that joy and happiness?

This is sarcastic, but isin’t it pathetic how that little resistance so long ago could prevent you from having so much. Looking back on how young and naive you were back then you have to laugh at the circumstances.

Indeed if you think very carefully about that little feeling of resistance, is it not just a funny misguided servant. Trying to do its best to give you what it thinks you want.

In its immaturity it thought it was serving you best to propel you forward. Now that you have grown up it is time for you to pass on your knowledge and education to that small feeling that resides inside of you.

As you embrace that servant feeling inside of you that you have identified. Pick it up while chuckling at how naive it was and place it down pointing in the direction that will propel you forwards at a faster rate than ever before as it serves you best in reaches your goals.

Now as you are older and wiser, you have become tired of letting the little resistance play its fun and games. Now it is time to guide it towards the more enjoyable life that you desire.

Every time you feel that resistance poke its little head up within you, remember that you just have to laugh, turn it around within you and show it how to propel you forward into the future you want.

When resistance now feels like support, it is incredibly interesting what you can achieve.

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