Goal Magnets – Get What You Want

by Jarrod

When you have goals it is important that you set yourself up with a system that will enable you to keep on track.

Here are two steps that you will want to apply in creating a goal magnet to pull you into the life you desire.

1. Get really clear on what you want

How will you know when you have reached it?

It is important that you are moving towards a goal and not just running around in circles trying to escape something. Observe the below images.

Poverty cycleIf you are trying to run away from poverty the only way you know how you are doing is by looking back and focussing on poverty again.

poverty to financial freedomBy focusing on what you want instead you can be propelled towards by the sheer desire. It is difficult to earn more money if you are focusing on not zero dollars compared to the desire to earn $1,000,000.

So get really clear on what you actually want, relationships, money, career, family or whatever it is that really excites you.

2. Know why you want it

The grander the vision the more compelling it will be.

Anything is possible with enough time and persistence, believe it to be so.

How will it change your life to reach this goal?

Who will be impacted by it?

Who will get the greatest gift from you achieving it?

Make it your future and change your life.

Tell me your goals in the comments.

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Dominika August 24, 2011 at 5:57 pm

I want to go on a trip around the world. And I want to do it pretty soon (in up to 3 years…) . To answer your questions:
How will it change my life: I will feel that I am able to persist in achieving something big, I will fulfill the desire I have to work as a volunteer for a while and I will see the world.
Who will be impacted: me, mainly, but probably my family as well and the people I meet during that time.
Who will get the greatest gift from you achieving it: again, probably me, though if I do the volunteering then the organisations I’ll be working for will get something out of it as well.
Every now and again I just think about how great it would be to do it :) And think of 1000 reasons why I am afraid of it.


Jarrod August 24, 2011 at 7:42 pm

@Dominika: Hey Dominika great to hear from you again.

It is also wonderful to hear you say these things again and I am glad you still have these wonderful dreams. I know you will be able to give so much to those you meet.

Good to see you know there are only a few reasons to be afraid. Once you have affirmed the desire and made a realistic plan then you will be able to move as the fears will no longer have realistic excuses.

After all you know how very capable you are :)

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