”Through my coaching interactions with Jarrod, I have learned that any of my preconceived designs, created especially through popular belief, can be dispelled in my search of self (and understanding of others) by simply pulling the veneer of such away to expose the (innate) deeply ingrained layers of true love and peace within my soul”

~ Christie – America

        ”Coaching experience with Jarrod was really a unique one – if I were to sum it up in one word it would be ‘truly judgment free’. I always finished the sessions with Jarrod feeling a little bit closer to defining who I want to be. He gives one space to try out different views on life and allows those views to unfold in whichever way one wants to take them. I would recommend those sessions to anyone who needs to shut up the internal critic for a while and listen to themselves”

~ Dominika Konopczak – Germany

        ”With Jarrod’s great listening and coaching skills , I was able to improve my self confidence and take the ‘action’ steps necessary to reach my personal goals. Jarrod had a terrific variety of coaching techniques to fit each of my situations brought to our sessions and to enable me to reach positive outcomes I hadn’t thought possible. Thanks so much Jarrod for all your help”

~ Pip Thompson – Australia, Adelaide

        ”Jarrod helped me get through the mental clutter and uncover what I really needed to do to improve certain aspects of my life. I am continually growing as a result of the help he’s given and I’m still implementing the ideas he bestowed upon me with much success!”

~ David – America, Nashville

        ”Jarrod offered me a generous six coaching sessions with him and those were times that got to me like no other. Together we have explored some of my hidden, subconscious beliefs and Jarrod inspired me to change them. We had a great time and I wholeheartedly recommend him for anyone who’s willing to try a both new and exciting coaching experience”

~ Kamil – Czech Republic

        ”Having never tried coaching before, I had no expectations but was hoping to gain insight or guidance in one particular area of personal growth. Every time I spoke with Jarrod, he not only understood where I wanted to go, he pushed me to a next level with his dialectical and practical approach. I got off every call with ideas and inspiration to spur my growth. I am very grateful to him for sharing his inquiry-based methods while radiating a confidence in my ability to change”

~ Linda Wolf – America

        ”Jarrod is an amazing coach who not only has the necessary knowledge and expertise to transform people, but also the natural charisma and personality to get things done.

I worked with Jarrod in the same project but during work break, Jarrod offered me a free session which had been becoming extremely positive experience of my life. I don’t want to go through into a great detail but it’s similar to go to the root of your problem, understand the foundation of some issues which have bothered you throughout your life.

I strongly recommend Jarrod for his professionalism and capability. He is one of few people truly practicing things he believes. I would like to share my experience with anyone who is interested.”

~ Larry Fang – Melbourne, Australia

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